Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kicking Off the Season

We had a great time at Portland's annual Tree Lighting last night at Monument Square. The fun started at 5:30, with performances by the Maine State Ballet, the Portland Symphony Orchestra, and Rick Charette & the Bubblegum Band. It was cold -- in the 20's -- and the crowd was thick, so it was hard to see the stage, and the music was a bit muffled by our winter hats... but we still had a great time.

Santa Claus made a guest appearance, arriving by firetruck, and then after a countdown from 10, the tree was lit, officially marking the beginning of this holiday season. It's no small tree: a 50-foot blue spruce, according to the article in this morning's Portland Press Herald.

Afterward, we ducked into Subway with our friend Erica and her sister Amanda, for a bite to eat, and especially to warm up a bit!

We're really looking forward to our first Christmas season in Portland!

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