Thursday, November 01, 2007

e3 day one

Woo-hoooo! e3 is off to a great start! It's exciting to be part of this team and see all the details we've worked so hard to coordinate for so many months coming together to make this experience so powerful for people. The church planting seminar with Matt Poole was very helpful. Electric Praise, the band from Wesley United Methodist Church in Concord, NH, really led us into an uplifting time of worship tonight. Bishop Weaver, who was to preach, was unable to be with us tonight because of a sudden death in his family, but Bill Kemp, one of our workshop leaders, did a great job pinch-hitting.

Can God breathe life into dry bones? Oh yes! God can do that! Seems to me someone said, "With God, ALL things are possible!"

I'm pumped, and looking forward to day two...

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