Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whatever happens...

What a joyful wedding!

One funny story... The groom's nephew, Chase, maybe 2-1/2 years old, was the ring bearer, and at the rehearsal it was clear to everyone that he might or might not complete the assigned task. I assured his nervous parents -- both of them in the wedding party -- that whatever happened, it would be perfectly okay. Before the ceremony this afternoon, his parents and others coached him, helped him practice walking down the aisle, gave him instructions, and even demonstrated the proper technique for holding the pillow straight... but he's not even three years old, and he's an active little guy, and it was clear that this was a longshot.

So all the groomsmen take their places, and the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, and now it's time for Chase to make his grand entrance. He walks tentatively for the first third of the aisle, then freezes. One of the guys who'd been coaching him earlier stepped up, gave him a gentle nudge, and pointed him toward his father waiting in the front... even walked a few steps with him. That got him closer to the front, but when he was about 3/4 of the way down the aisle, he took the pillow and chucked it like a frisbee to his father, then turned around and ran as fast as he could back down the aisle. Of course, the congregation burst into laughter, and no one harder than the groom, his uncle. That definitely broke the ice, and the bride -- my cousin, Sarah -- entered to a congregation that was already experiencing the joy of this day!

And what a joyful day it was!

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Mary Beth said...

How funny!

I'm glad the wedding was as joy-filled as they should all be!