Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Sincere Prayer

Around the sanctuary at Cedar Ridge Community Church, there are large, screenprinted canvases with graphic images and text inviting people to prayer. The spot where we gathered as we met this afternoon with Brian McLaren, in the back corner of the sanctuary, is a kind of prayer corner. A sign reads, "Sometimes what we all need most is another human being to pray with us." There's a couch and several chairs to accommodate a comfortable prayer huddle, as well as some resources for prayer. Another sign, hanging just above a long sheet of white paper (maybe 8 feet long) says "Express... Make your prayer visible," inviting people to write their prayer or draw images representing their prayers.

This prayer caught my eye: in red magic marker, the letters of a young child...
"Please make my Dad say YES to Baskin Robbins." - Felicity

Now that's a sincere prayer!

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